Advanced Photovoltaic Applications Ltd (APA BV) develops and produces in a socially and environmentally responsible manner solar cells using sustainable materials and technologies. Innovation is the strength of APA. The solar cells are produced at 2 locations in Leeuwarden. Employment opportunities for circa 130 persons are offered at these locations.

At APA we believe that clean and sustainable energy is of fundamental importance for economy and society. Economy cannot exist without energy. Abundant, safe, and clean energy is desirable to prevent further environmental changes. But energy should be and remain affordable to everybody everywhere.

This is why APA's activities are focused on the development of new technology for the production of cheap thin-film solar cells. The development and manufacture of other thin-film applications using our patented technology are done in parallel with our solar cells work, as we believe our technology represent a step forward towards various cost-efficient thin-film applications.

In the new locations in Leeuwarden APA B.V. has the possibility to develop new technologies on lab scale and then up-scale them to production level. The first production units will have a production capacity of 4 Megawatt (40.000 square meter) solar panels.

Unique technology for the production of solar cells

APA's technology is based on combining a unique deposition technique with innovative manipulation of the chemistry and physics of the processes inside the solar cells. The past 7 years were used to prove the feasibility of this technology and exercise its up-scaling to full production lines.

APA's patented deposition technology constitutes a technological breakthrough with strong impact on the market price per Wp of solar energy. Therefore APA is aiming to become an important player on solar cells market in the battle of making solar energy affordable to everyone.

APA's first solar cells are expected to have an efficiency of 6-7%. Therefore, in first instance, APA's solar panels will be adequate for large-scale applications in the Netherlands or abroad. The current technology road map enables APA to make in next few years solar cells with circa /-10% efficiency. Thereby future APA's solar cells will also be suitable for decentralised energy source applications. Both small and large-scale applications for a global market will be enabled.

The A group

APA belongs to a group of companies that jointly cover the whole range from solar cells development to market implementation. The activities of APA are focused on solar cells development and production. Solar Global Invest is a worldwide investor in solar cells power stations. Solar Total does sales activities and it is already active in five European countries, selling and installing commercial solar panels based on the current implemented technologies. Judging by the potential of APA's technology, SolarTotal will continue growing to a worldwide active sales organisation for solar panels. Currently, Solar Global Invest and SolarTotal are developing large-scale solar cells power plants (20 Megawatt plus) in Spain and Italy. The first solar panels produced by APA will be directly used for these projects. By 2015 APA aims to cover 20% of the market shares for solar cells.